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Develop Mode if you work only with JPG files

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  • Develop Mode if you work only with JPG files

    At this point in my photography, I work only with JPG files and I don't do a lot of photo manipulation. (Maybe that will change with time.) I find that I mostly adjust exposure, clear smudges, straighten the photo, and write captions. I occasionally fix red eye, though for me it's more common to have to fix green eye (cat pictures). I might circle something or make an arrow pointing to something, but that's really it.

    Should I start in Develop mode and then go to Edit, or just use Edit mode? I'm reading the manual and I know that Develop mode is non-destructive, and I suppose if I had a lot of things to do to a photo, I should probably start there, but if I just took a bunch of photos and they're all okay except that I need to crop a few of them, what would you suggest?

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    The workflow of each mode is very different. If not using layers (which are only available in Ultimate), I think the Develop Mode is a bit faster and to the point (if you know what I mean). 80% of what I do in ACD uses only Develop Mode. If I was forced to work only in a single mode I would keep Develop Mode. But... that is just because it seems to suit how I think better.

    YMMV. I think a good test is to start with three pictures of very different scenes... Edit each image using only one of the modes. Review which seems to fit how you like to work.... Then start there.