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  • Export all files in all folders

    Sorry for flooding the forum with questions lately, but I'm about to put around 37k photos in ACDSee and I want to make sure I'm not painting myself into a corner.

    As I've mentioned in a previous post, someday I will be passing along family photos to relatives. I'll be passing along other photos to different people and organizations. So, I need to know that I have a way to save changes (export) and pass them along as JPG files. The person receiving them will probably want to do much more with them than I did, and will probably import them somewhere else.

    One thing I discovered recently with Picasa is that by using a lot of subfolders, I've made things difficult for myself. I have approximately 1400 folders. So, if I wanted to save all the changes I made in Picasa, I would have to go in and export each folder. I'm not sure I want to take the time to do that, but I might end up doing just that.

    So, let's say in a year or two I decide to either hand off most of my photos or go to a different product. I notice there's a batch feature, but since I have things stored in subfolders, won't I have to export everything folder by folder? Is there any way to export (or save changes) all of my files at once?

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    If you have cataloged your photos, there are multiple ways to to view, some or all of your photos regardless of where they are stored. There is a special catalog view called "image well." If you select this, it will show you all your photos, select all and them and then do a batch export. However, if you want to keep the same folder structure, then yes you will have to go folder by folder.


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      Thank you. That makes sense, and I'll make a note of it somewhere so I don't forget. Maybe once I sort through all my photos and get rid of some more, I'll look at trying to flatten the folder structure. For example, instead of having a folder structure of <state>/<city>, I can use the batch rename to name them state_city and keep them all in the same folder. I'm thinking I should probably go back to Picasa and export them in a flatter folder if I can and then start out with that new structure.

      Fortunately, I never got around to tagging or making albums in Picasa, so that's one thing I don't need to do when I finally migrate.