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Archive Creator plug-in?

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  • Archive Creator plug-in?

    The manual refers to an Archive Creator plug-in. If I go to Tools > Create, I see Archive Creator, but it is greyed out (that is, it's not available). UPDATE: I discovered that you have to archive a file; you can't just click on a folder and archive the entire folder. (The manual says file or folder.)

    When you archive a group of photos, does it reduce the size of the database? I have some old photos that I'm thinking of archiving, but if this tool doesn't reduce the size of the database (one of my reasons for archiving), what would be a good strategy?

    For example, what happens if I create a folder I call "Old" to keep old photos and I use Edit > Move to Folder to move all the old files there, and then use Tools > Database > Exclude Selected Folders?

    Or should I copy them to an external drive, then delete them from within ACDSee Pro?
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