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File browser slow on move image to file

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  • File browser slow on move image to file

    If I use the move-to-file for a photo, it brings up the file browser, but then choosing a folder takes 1-2-3 minutes to navigate to any sub-folder. Then copying is instant.
    If instead I use the Folders panel, it navigates instantly and D&D is also fast. Somehow only this program's file browser is *very* (unworkably) slow.

    And I notice that sometimes even if navigating on the file chooser is not slow/frozen, when I choose move – the app freezes up for a 1+ minute doing the move.

    ACDSee support said to check the database, and the display drivers - not sure why they think DirectX would slow a file operation.

    I have seen other reports of slow file operations with this product over the years.including notes that show it tries to index every file in every folder whey browsing, I would suspect that a something similar might be involved.

    I ran a process monitor (Procmon) trace on this, and is shows 25,000 events on navigating to a sub-folder (!).Many registry reads, catalog read/writes, file system R/Ws, etc.
    (I have all SSDs, and no other program has this issue.)

    A short sample:
    7105 RegQueryKey
    4750 RegOpenKey
    1683 RegCloseKey
    2018 RegQueryValue
    6986 ReadFile
    628 CreateFile
    397 QueryRemoteProtocolInformation
    503 QueryDirectory
    546 CloseFile
    85 QueryBasicInformationFile
    5 Thread Exit
    19 RegSetInfoKey
    67 QueryStandardInformationFile
    28 CreateFileMapping
    45 QueryOpen
    37 RegEnumKey
    269 RegEnumValue
    21 RegCreateKey
    9 QueryNameInformationFile
    9 QueryInformationVolume
    9 QueryAttributeInformationVolume
    10 LockFile
    18 SetBasicInformationFile
    14 WriteFile
    10 UnlockFileSingle
    14 FileSystemControl
    4 SetPipeInformation
    2 Thread Create

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    By chance, do you have a mapped, but unconnected,network drive?