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  • Folder Pane Problem

    ACDSee (both 2018 Pro and 2021 Pro) in Windows 10 does not point to the folder opened in the thumbnail view in the Folder List and does not open the corresponding tree.
    Does anyone have the same problem and a tip on how to solve it?
    Is there possibly an entry in the settings that I might have missed? Older versions of ACDSee (but then still running Windows 7) did not have this behavior...
    The first screenshot shows the ACTUAL state, the second shows how it should be.

    In earlier versions of ACDSee, when I displayed an image, for example, from Favorites or navigated in the File Browser (thumbnails), the folder list on the left side jumped to the path of that image.
    Precisely explained by an example, I start ACDSee and then navigate in the thumbnails window to e.g. "D:\Photos\2020". In previous versions of ACDSee, the marker in the directory tree on the left side was also set to "D:\Photos\2020". In the current ACDSee it does not change and is set to "Desktop".

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    I do confirm, checked in 2021 Pro.