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Can I see a particular photo on the map?

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  • Can I see a particular photo on the map?

    Hi All!

    I would like to be able to select a picture and see where it is on the map.

    I know how to view the map, select a location, and all the pictures taken in the selected area are selected. As I narrow down the area, fewer and fewer pictures are selected, and eventually I get to my one picture.

    But what I would like to do is select the picture in question, and have the pin show up on the map. Is this possible?
    If not, does anyone have any alternative suggestion?

    All cell phones (iphone and Android) do this, but so far I did not find a desktop program to get the same functionality.


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    Originally posted by AmonRa View Post
    Hi All!
    I would like to be able to select a picture and see where it is on the map.
    Not sure whether this helps, but in In Ultimate 2021, in manage mode, if I select a folder in the folder tree that for example has 13 images in it, then the thumbnails for those 13 images will be displayed.

    Let's say for example that one of those images was taken at location 1, one was taken at location 2 and 11 were taken at location 3 and they all have GPS co-ordinates in their EXIF metadata..

    With the thumbnails for the photos in that folder on display in manage mode, but none selected, the map pane shows three indicators, a red-ish one at location 1, a red-ish one at location 2 and a blue one with the figure 11 at location 3.

    If I now select one of those photos, the indicator at its location turns yellow.

    So if an image has GPS co-ordinates in its EXIF and I select it, a yellow indicator will show me where it was taken on the map.

    From the help file
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Pin Legend.jpg
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      Thanks. I missed the yellow pin, so that is definitely helpful. However, the program doesn't zoom into this location nor centers it on the map. I am organizing photos from around the world, and to see the yellow pins I have to zoom out completely, then zoom in to see where they are, then zoom out at the next photo, and so on. It would be nice if the map centered and zoomed.


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        You expect the map to recenter on each photo as you click on it, even though your purpose in clicking might be unrelated to the map? Doesn't seem very efficient use of system resources.

        In Pro 2020, right-click the image and choose Map>View on Map, and there it is. Well, .... that got me a moderate map scale and a yellow indicator labeled 90. Happens to be one of my favorite locations. Zoom in using the "+" tool so your picture remains centered. At maximum zoom, I still had 23 images under the one indicator. So I clicked on it and the selection in the list pane changed to all 23. Did it just happen that I shot all 23 in sequence within the limit of GPS resolution, and never that close another month (my images are organized by month)? I may have copied coordinates from one image to others that hadn't had the GPS active (did you know you can do that?).


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          No, not every time I click on a picture. But when I am in map view (big map in the center got a small film strip of pics at the bottom), what other reason would I have to click on a picture than to see it on the map?

          I don't have the 2020 version, but based on how you are describing the behavior, it would still require you too zoom and follow the yellow pin - not exactly taking you to the pic location. All cell phone photo viewers have been doing this for years, so I don't follow your concern for resources for a program of ACDSee's caliber.

          Yes, I know how to edit metadata.
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            ACDSee has many unifinished features - calendar, faces, IPTC tag tree to name only a few. Map is also one of such features, like it or not.


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              Does anyone know of an alternative desktop app to see photos on the map?


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                Picasa for example. (You need to apply registry fix to have map displayed).


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                  Cool, thanks. I forgot about Picasa. Too bad it was discontinued in 2016 and Acdsee never got their act together.