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  • RED no entry sign

    please remind me what the red no entry sign is for and which appears in the top left of the thumbnails. thanks

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    Hi JohnL,

    That indicates that the file or folder is excluded from the database, so it will not appear in search results. There are a few reasons for this, you can read more about how to exclude or un-exclude folders here:

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Thanks for that Tristan. I am now reminded of this strange action, I say strange because there must be many photographers that use offline storage and this auto, default action seems very strange. Surely in this day and age one should be opting in if one wants to be ''Red Flagged''.


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        Are the files on an external USB drive? As far as I know, exclusion isn't automatic unless the location is deemed removable and that depends on the type of storage used. Some USB external drive aren't automatically excluded whereas others are. You can also chose to consciously include a removable drive if you wish, but running the risk of creating orphaned data elements.