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Camara noise removal broken in Photo Studio Pro 2022?

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  • Camara noise removal broken in Photo Studio Pro 2022?

    I just upgraded to Studio Pro 2022 from 2021. Camera Noise Removal seems completely broken. I tried editing the same photo in both 2021 and 2022 at the same time. This is a photo that has higher ISO. When I open the "Remove Noise" panel there are default settings that are usually pretty good. Minor tweaks and I can make the photo look pretty good. But in 2022 the photo seems really foggy and washed out. Adjusting the sliders can do nothing make the image look good. This tool seems completely unusable. There is a similar problem with the sharpen tool also.
    Has anyone else seen this problem? Or have a fix? 1st screen shot is from 2021, note the image of the eye is quite clear. 2nd screen shot is from 2022, very different. These shots are just after opening the noise removal tool with no changes to the sliders.

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    Hi mwdrewry,

    We would like to have the original sample file(s) to look into this.

    I've sent you an email from our support system to follow up. Please reply to that email with the file attachment, or provide the download link to let us download the file. The instruction for uploading the file is included in that email.


    ACD Customer Care