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    As is obvious by now I am a noobie with ACDSee but I selected it because of its facial recognition features. I have historically saved my images in directories structured by year and month and then event which has been a reasonable way to manage them in a Windows file system. With ACDSee I was hoping to identify all the faces and use face names as the primary identifier. So I can search my database for "All Images of Fred". Currently I have loaded about 8,000 identified faces over about 2 years. In reality this represents many more images but many have been discarded because they were duplicates or just bad photos. Searching for "Fred" retrieves what I believe to be all the images of "Fred" in the database, certainly enough to satisfy me currently. BUT, and it is a big but, at the end of the many screens of images of "Fred" (and possibly mixed within) there are a number of images that are miscellaneous, and certainly not "Fred". They do however share filenames with some images of "Fred". Given that my Canon cameras roll the file names over at 9,999, in my database when I load all my images there will be many identical file names. So am I using the incorrect criteria for my search or can ACDSee only handle 9,999 images, which may be bad enough or even more drastically do I have to rename all my files to cater for ACDSee's possible shortcomings? Any advice greatly received..

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    When you use face recognition, ACDSee puts a list of the individual people in the Manage Mode's Catalog pane (in the people section). So rather than searching for "Fred", which depending on which search method (quick search or the search pane) you are using, may bring up images with the word "Fred" in various metadata fields and in filenames, you can simply use the quick select in the people section to select Fred, and it will bring up all the images where Fred has been specifically identified by Face recognition only. You can also use the quick select to select all the images where facial recognition has identified Fred AND Martha, or where it has identified Fred OR Martha.

    In answer to your question as to whether ACDSee can only handle 9,999 images, then answer is No. There are users posting in the forum who have collections that are in excess of 200,000.


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      Thanks Greyfox. I was using the quick search in the Manage mode and searching the whole database, which displays the full image so you can scroll through and select the images you want. In the People mode you can see the full image by using the "Show Source Thumbnails" so it achieves what I want, but it doesn't have the slider to increase the size of the images viewed. The "Search Box" does actually produce images of "Fred" without the additional non "Fred" images and has a slider to increase the image size.

      For interest (mine) the following searches produced the number of images

      Manage - quick search on "Fred" - 1763 images returned "Fred" plus shoes and cakes
      People - search by selecting the "Fred" face - 1712 - faces and 25 suggestions
      Search Box on "Fred" - 1700

      However my original search in the Manage mode is still valid, the images retrieved that were obviously wrong were shoes and birthday cakes that had never been tagged by face recognition, and no metadata had been added to the image file. Weird behaviour. I may ask support the same question.

      Oh and the 9,999 question was very much tongue in cheek..


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        Originally posted by Dronenz View Post
        .. In the People mode you can see the full image by using the "Show Source Thumbnails" so it achieves what I want, but it doesn't have the slider to increase the size of the images viewed.
        I wasn't suggesting you use "People Mode". In Manage Mode, in the Panes menu, tick Catalog. That pane will normally open on the left hand side of the screen.
        In the Catalog pane, second section down is the "People" section, which will have a list of all of the people (by name) that have had faces identified.
        To the left of each name is a shield like icon. It is referred to as Quick select.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	People.jpg
Views:	58
Size:	64.2 KB
ID:	60749

        If you click on the quick select icon to the left of "Fred", it will display all of the thumbnails of the images that have "Fred's" face identified. The size of those thumbnails can be set by the slider at the bottom of the screen. You can select more than one quick select (using the Ctrl key), and if you click on the cog in the People header, you can set the option as shown below

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Options.jpg
Views:	88
Size:	15.7 KB
ID:	60747

        If you have the view in Manage mode set to Filmstrip, then the center pane will be divided into two sections vertically, the bottom section containing a film strip of the thumbnails, and the top a larger preview of the selected thumbnail.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Filmstrip.jpg
Views:	60
Size:	163.3 KB
ID:	60748

        Alternatively, if you have the view in manage mode set to Thumbnails, and from the panes menu also have Preview ticked, then the center pane will have only thumbnails, and a preview of the selected thumbnail image will be shown in the Preview pane (by default this will be in at the bottom of the left hand pane, but it can be docket and resized elsewhere, including on a second monitor).

        I hope that is a bit clearer.


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          Thanks again Greyfox. I had found that pane but didn't think of it as a way to "search" for people. For noobs I find the help screens aren't very visual.