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Copy image basket between versions of ACDSee Pro

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  • Copy image basket between versions of ACDSee Pro

    Just upgraded to the newest version and immediately upon opening remembered the pain in the ass of having to recreate my image basket during my 'last' upgrade to the program.

    So like I may have asked then, any way to copy the image basket from a previous version of Pro to the newest version?

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    Well, saw a quasi-related post a bit back and took a stab at a regedit of a save of the previous registry File list for Imagebasket and saved to the new location and . . . voila.

    We'll see if any issues down the road with this - some other registry 'link' per se that still takes the Files to be nonexistent, but it works for my needs.

    I'll follow up with any issues if they arise.


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      Those settings should (optionnaly) be saved during upgrades. (And so are many other settings, exports defs, ...)