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People mode, some faces in collection are either a black block or with question mark

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  • People mode, some faces in collection are either a black block or with question mark

    Hi, I have encountered this problem now several times. When going to the named or unnamed window, some icons of the faces are black and some with a question mark. This happens to photos of individuals as well as group photos.
    In group photos, some faces register in the people mode as a black icon and some in the same photo do appear correctly.
    It seems that after I embed or update the ACDSee Metadata this error occurs. In some instances most of the face of the same person is replace with a question mark.
    See attached.
    Help much appreciated.

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    Several things you can look at to start off with.

    1/. Go to Dashboard Mode, select the Database Tab and look at "Orphan Assets. If there are Orphan files, then run Tools\Database\Optimize Database. If your image collection is on an external drive, make sure it is connected before you do this.

    2/. In manage mode, look at the bottom right of the screen. If you see any of the progress indicators below then ACDSee has not yet finished building the thumbnails, and you need to give it time to complete this.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Work in progress.jpg
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    For explanation, the help file says "ACDSee automatically adds file information and thumbnails to the database as you browse. This process is called cataloging. Once the folder you are browsing has been cataloged, ACDSee begins the process of detecting faces in your images. As you open other folders, ACDSee will continue scanning for faces in the first folder, and will queue subsequent folders as you open them. You can view the scanning progress in the bottom right corner of Manage mode. ACDSee will continue scanning until Face Detection is complete on the folders you browsed.

    Also, a question. Was the face detection done entirely in ACDSee, or have you used ACDSee's catalog function to read in the face metadata from lightroom or Picasa?


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      Thanks for your quick reply, this was the problem and is now fixed.