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Can't change Pro 7 database location

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  • Can't change Pro 7 database location

    I just upgraded to Pro 7. It's my practice to keep all my data on external drives for security and ease of backup, which means that after installing an upgrade and having the program convert the existing database (which it found automatically where I keep it on Drive D), I have to go to Tools>Options>Database>Database location to direct the new version to move the converted database to D. BUT, this time the Options dialog doesn't have a Database Location option. The location is displayed, but there seems to be no way to edit it. This is despite the online help and the new User Guide both directing me to that option. Am I missing something?

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    Hi Dennis - Yes, you're missing something. But, you're not alone. In order to support the new multiple database option, Pro7 moved the database functions. Instead of being in the Options, they moved to a new menu item: File > Database.


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      I do similarly - I used to always set the DB to partition other than C:\ in the options.

      But, with the new multiple database feature in 7, you first have to go to: File-->Database-->New and create a new database.

      Then you can set it to DB's other than the default on C:\.


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        Thanks, both. This is an improvement; I just wish they'd documented it.