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Acdsee pro 3 not displaying thumbnails

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  • Acdsee pro 3 not displaying thumbnails

    Sometimes ACDSee Pro 3 didn't display all image files thumbnials (but still display them as a file). Especially sometimes even in the same folder, some were displayed with thumbnails but some other were displayed as file. I read below message but it required to copy and paste which will change all the file create date whcih is not what I want so I didn't try that method. May I know whether there is any way to fix the problem without changing any date info?

    FYI - my laptop is i9-13900HX, 32GB Ram, RTX4070 so I am pretty sure it is not due to my hardware issue such as lack of memory, etc.

    I have ACD See Photo Studio 4.1.(464) and MAC OS High Sierra 10.13.3 and I've added new folders with images and when I looked at that new folder the thumbnails

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    The link you posted refers to Photo Studio for MAC, which is a different product to ACDSee Pro for Windows.

    ACDSee will only display thumbnails for formats it recognizes and for those it doesn't it displays a generic icon.

    ACDSee Pro 3 is a very old program (released around Sept 2009) and potentially there would be a lot of formats it doesn't recognize.

    You haven't said what formats show thumbnails and what formats show icons so it is hard to give any advice other that to say that a possible solution is to update to the current 2023 release of either ACDSee Pro or ACDSee Ultimate. You can download and run a free trial of either version to see whether that resolves your issue.