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  • Lens correction ??

    Hi guys
    Been trying out pro2023 today and I have a niggle thats becoming a bit of a pain with it. Each time I open a .nef file from my Nikon camera and select `Lens correction` the software correctly identifys the the lens used in the `Current lens information` box for some weird reason when I select `Enable lens profile` it always defaults to a 70-200 f2,8 lens regardless of whats in the lens information box??. I then have to manually search for the actual lens used and this it seems for every shot which might be ok for a few pics but when you have many raws taken with different lenses does become a pita. Clearly the software is reading the raw data ok to id the lens is there something I might be doing wrong please?. I think its this same issue that prevented me buying the software last year and maybe the year before! See the two pics below where my 18-105mm and 105mm macro lenses were used.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	second.jpg Views:	1 Size:	27.5 KB ID:	65533
    Click image for larger version  Name:	first.jpg Views:	1 Size:	27.8 KB ID:	65534
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    I don't have the Pro Version, I use ACDSee Ultimate 2023, however your screen shot is the same as the Lens Correction tool in Ultimate's Edit mode.

    In Ultimate, development of a RAW image is generally done in the Develop Mode, and in Ultimate, in the Develop mode's Geometry Tab, Lens Correction can be mapped to Camera/Lens combinations, as shown in the screen shot below, and once a combination has been mapped and set to Auto Apply, the mapped profile will be applied automatically on entering Develop Mode when the camera model/lens combination is read from EXIF.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Lens Correction.jpg Views:	6 Size:	159.3 KB ID:	65536

    The manual for Pro2023 suggests that the ability to map Camera/Lens combinations is also in the Pro version. An extract from the Pro 2023 manual says:

    "You can also map the correction specific to your lens, (the lens profile), to your camera make, model, and lens combination. Mapping the lens profile will enable you to apply the correction to all images with the same camera-lens combination that you open in the Develop mode Lens Correction tool, should you choose.​"

    So perhaps have a look at Develop Mode.
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      Thanks for the info Greyfox very helpful 👍. I'd give Ultimate 2023 another try but I timed out with the trial when it first came out and I don't think they allow more than one trial, guess 2024 will be out soon so that would sort it. I couldn't see an 'auto apply' in the pro version so that might be what's missing !.
      Thanks again


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        For a temporary try you may use another email address.


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          The issue likely stems from the LensFun data, which ACDSee uses for Lens Corrections. If/when the lens data doesn’t list the name of the lens exactly like it is in the EXIF, ACDSee doesn't find it automatically. ACDSee doesn't own the data, and relies on 3rd Party individuals to do it right, which isn't always the case. I manually corrected many lens info myself.


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            Originally posted by Regor250 View Post
            The issue likely stems from the LensFun data...
            I don't think it is down to LensFun in this particular case. The screen shot in the first post in this thread suggests the OP has used the Lens Correction Filter in Edit mode in the Pro version, rather than using Lens Correction from Develop Mode for his RAW files. In the Edit mode filter, there is no provision to map the Camera/Lens combination, or to have it auto applied. Nor is there provision to save presets for that filter. So each time it is used, the Lens has to be manually selected.

            That is also the case in Ultimate. The provision to map the Camera/Lens and to have it applied automatically applied when the camera/lens data in Exif matches the mapped combination is only in the Develop mode function.

            Why is the Lens distortion correction function different in the two modes (and it has been for some time). Maybe someone from ACDSee could take the time to explain the rationale behind that?.


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              I agree Greyfox. Functionality differences between Develop and Edit modes for the same functionality is pervasive throughout. I suppose ACDSee is still catching up with the development of 2 different applications, which Develop and Edit modes are, and have not synchronized both because they don't share code. It would take a major rewrite to integrate them together into one. As the LensFun data structure goes, I've discovered that ACDSee is very specific. If a lens has more than one language specified for the lens name (LensFun can have multiple languages definition for lens names), ACDSee will skip over it and it will not show in the list. Also if the Lens name specified in the Lensfun data isn't exactly what ACDSee sees in the metadata, it will not be automatically recognized and since the Edit mode lacks the mapping capability available in Develop mode, it never works.


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                I agree, perspective modification is much easier in Edit mode.


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                  I have been trialling on1 raw Ultimate also as well as Acdsee pro and the lens correction in on1 is instant with the correct lens chosen, like you say might be a difference with using Edit and Develop mode. Just had an email back from Acdsee allowing me another trial of Ultimate so will check that out again thanks!.


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                    Well thats a little frustrating. Finally had the chance to download and try Ultimate again (2023) and the lens correction does exactly the same as in the Pro version ie. it correctly id`s the lens but uses the wrong lens in `Enable lens correction` tried in both Develop and Edit modes, bit of a deal breaker for me at the moment as it seems it needs this manual config for each image. Maybe this has been solved in Ultimate 2024 I`ll give it a try when released!.
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                      Well playing around with Ultimate 2023 a little more I had some success using Map default although it did miss a couple of images taken with the same lens ?, maybe my inexperience with the app I`ll keep at it ;-).