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    I think I see 2.7 Portable Computer Use in ACDSee Ultimate 9 END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.


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      I've already updated, but I may need to find an alternative program

      CoC mod apk


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        ACDSee crashes since Ultimate 2019 with my 50.000 Pictures (the support has confirmed this bug !).

        Now it is time to renew my upgrade insurance to receive Ultimate 2021 (for what? The wastebasket?). What should I do after eight years with ACDSee?

        Currently I think, I should say good bye to ACDSee and continue with Zoner. It works great for me and is stable and Incredible fast.

        The Zoner License is a subscription model (montly or yearly) and I can use my personal Licence on different Computers.
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          Hi MBangert,

          The support team confirmed the crash issue, and a special build was sent to you in Dec. From what we learnt from your reply, that build fixed that crash issue that you have experienced.

          With regard to the performance you reported, the product management team is aware of the issue and the problem is in our internal problem tracking database. It will be regularly reviewed and investigated for inclusion in patches, updates and future versions.


          ACD Customer Care Team


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            I don't know if I'll get a working 2020 version from ACDSee at some point or maybe even 2021 version.

            Since the programs seem to be slowing down, I might need a minute to open an image in the editor. (Ultimate 2019 Special build needs currently 24 seconds)

            (Zoner Need less than 2 Seconds on my Laptop)
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