Hello I am new to Acdsee and I use Acdsee Pro4 currently and this is regarding it's database, I am unsure if upgrading to a newer version of Pro will make any of this easier or faster. I hope I can take the 2 large database files and use them to get my catagories and 0-5 ratings back instead of exporting/importing database info. Basically but I have 3 questions regarding moving database information:

1) clean up database to make it smaller (for export/import reasons if I must go this route). All I need to keep are 0-5 ratings and my self made catagories ( I don't use any photography picture embedded database metadata or other things like that, I am looking for a way to go through my database and get rid of what isn't usefully to me, tips are welcome)

2) I never exported my database from the old pc, currently I am using parts of that old pc(powersupply,videocard, dvd rom and ram) on the new one and I rather not have to detach hardware from the new pc, put it back into the old pc, go export the database from there and then put my new pc back together again. The old harddrive is still untouched and all my data is still on it.

3) The old database had windows and Acdsee installed on the K: drive the new pc will have windows installed on the C: drive, is there a quick fix to having the database change that info so when I click on a thumbnail the actual picture shows up instead of a blank cause the drive letters are wrong ?

Thank you very much for any help in advance, any info and tips are welcome.