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Installing an .apl

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  • Installing an .apl

    Today I downloaded the SDK and immediatelly complied IF_Sample.apl with vs2019 (latest Build) on W10 (latest version).
    But I stumble on the first steps :-)

    Compiles just fine with just three warnings (converting "double" to "byte").
    Naming it .apl is done by the vs.
    Vs doesn't give me an option to sign the file, so I use signtool.exe with a certificate I created myself. (The certificate also is added to the users certificates.)
    Move the .apl to the folder given in PIFolderV2.
    Run AC Pro 2020 (Build 1381) witch doesn't seem to access it at all. (Watched with process monitor)

    Q: Why doesn't ACDSee detect my plug-in?
    A1: The plug-in must be placed into the plug-in directory, as defined in the following registry setting:
    As per process monitor, AC doesn't seem to access this path at all. (Is there the typo in A1?)

    A2: The plug-in's filename extension must be renamed from DLL to APL.
    Done by vs.

    A3: The plug-in must implement and export all of the required functions as specified in the API documentation.
    As it's an unaltered sample from ACDSystems, I guess it matches this requirement.

    A4: The plug-in must include a valid certificate.
    Properties of the .apl says it is.

    A5: You are attempting to load the plug-in into an older version of ACDSee. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate/Professional/Home 2020 or later is required.
    I'm trialling the latest AC Pro 2020.

    Am I missing somethig?

    Thanx for reading

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    Hi glitch,

    First off, thank you for trying the ACDSee SDK!

    As for your issue, it appears that there is a mistake in the FAQ in A1.

    The correct folder to place your compiled plug-in is the "Plugins" folder in your ACDSee Photo Studio installation directory.

    By default, this folder would be C:\Program Files\ACD Systems\ACDSee Pro\13.0\PlugIns

    I hope that this solves your problem.

    Thank you for finding this mistake and we will update the FAQ with the correct information.


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      Yepp, that fixed it. However user experience is mixed :-)

      Works, but meta data only is copied within the db, not written to the file. At least AC can't find any in copies of the file. But perhaps that's on purpose for this sample.

      AC crashes when double clicking a text file.

      Works like a charm.

      Gives four nice little functions ready for use.

      Thanx for the pointer, Glitch

      Btw. Would be nice, if the "Plug-in Settings" dialogue would tell the name of the signature provider instead of displaying "Not Certified by ACD Systems International Inc.".

      ID_CreateView.apl works after compiling a release version, the debug version always crashes.
      Last edited by glitch; 03-12-2020, 12:08 PM.