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Contact sheets, Can I include File Icons?

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  • Contact sheets, Can I include File Icons?

    I use ACDSEE to create contact sheets of folders. These folders contain non-image files, and I would like to print the contact sheet with the file "icon" displayed indicating a non-image file is stored in that folder.

    Is it possible to print a contact sheet and include the icon of non-image files (like DOCX, XLSX, DWG and MAX ETC)? I am not interested in file content, just the Icon, location and name. Being able to print the system icon would be perfect.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    Hmm, this is supplied by SHGFI_ICON in SHGetFileInfoA. Imho no AC needed.


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      Hi Emil, thank you for the input. ACDC gives me a useful level of control that w10 explorer functions do not.

      I think you are saying I can do this in windows. And I do not need acdc to accomplish?

      My question is can I do this in ACDC? if you have any input, or can help me understand your intentions, please clarify.

      I could just do screen captures of icons, my need is more complicated than that.

      Thanks in advance


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        Oh I see, you want to use the contact sheet function of AC, but instead of thumbnails you wan't to print the Systems icon. Right?
        I never looked at this function, sorry.


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          Hi Emil,
          I want to print a contact sheet that includes the a series of JPEG and System Icons for non-image files
          Thank you for the follow up
          If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it, but it is an odd request
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