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  • Export 2019 to new pc

    Here’s what I’m thinking. I’ve edited with 2019 since 2019. I’m an enthusiast , not professional at all. I want to export 2019 to a new computer. Anything edited does not require the database to be exported to the new computer. I have the edited image and that’s enough. No meta data etc. Is needed.

    Can I just export 2019 to the new system and “go forward” from there?

    Any downside to that?

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    For future reference, you will likely get more targeted answers if you indicate exactly what 2019 product you are using, and by posting in the appropriate product area. This area is for queries in relation to the SDK kit.

    But to answer you question, you will need to properly install which ever application you are using on the new PC, and register it.
    You can download the installation file from your ACDSee account, along with the registration key. Depending on the number of installations permitted by your licence, you may need to deactivate the registration of the application on the old PC via your account in order to be able to register it on the new PC.

    You haven't said where your images are, or given any idea of the size of the collection, but if they are on a local drive on the old PC, then you would need to copy them onto the new PC.

    If your "2019" is a Windows version of ACDSee Home, Pro or Ultimate, then the new installation will open a default new database on the new PC. You could get the application to "Catalog" your collection into this new database, or a new database you have it create at your preferred location, and that would give you a clean database, but depending on the size of your collection may take some time. Also, unless you have embedded the ACDSee metadata in the images on the old system, you would lose that metadata, so you would lose any keywords, captions, ratings, labels, Categories etc.

    Your post suggests you maybe don't particularly want to retain that metadata, but if you do, I would use the system on the old PC first to embed the metadata in the images. That way the Catalog process on the new PC will be able to read the metadata from the images into the new database.

    Alternatively you could try copying your old database files onto the new PC and then directing the program to use that database. You will quite possibly find that it will not be able to locate your images, and if so you would need to use the Database Maintenance function to change the bindings. The downside of this (assuming the binding changes are successful), is that any problems with the old database, old orphan entries etc will be carried over onto the new PC. Certainly before going down this path, I would run an Optimize Database first on the old PC.

    Hope that helps.