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How can I refine my search?

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  • How can I refine my search?

    In Manage mode, you can use operators in the Quick Search bar to search for very specific properties.
    If you don't specify which field to search, Quick Search automatically searches in the following fields: File name, Categories, Description, Author, Notes and Keywords.
    Quick Search also searches in the following IPTC fields: Keywords, Description, Creator, Headline and Special Instructions.

    You can use the following operators:
    Searching for... Returns items where...
    AND "Tiff.Model":"Canon EOS 5DS R" AND "ExifAux.Lens":"60-600m" Camera Model matches "Canon EOS 5DS R" and Camera Lens matches "60-600m"
    OR "Tiff.Model":"PENTAX" or "Tiff.Model":"Ricoh" Camera Model matches "PENTAX" or "Ricoh"
    NOT "Common.Country":"Japan" NOT "Common.City":"Tokyo" Country matches "Japan" but City does not match "Tokyo"
    * "Exif.FNumber":"ƒ/1.*" F-Number matches 1.* (* is wildcard), e.g. 1.4, 1.8.
    >, <, >=, <= ("Exif.DateTimeOriginal">="2019:01:01 00:00:00" AND "Exif.DateTimeOriginal"<="2019:12:31 23:59:59") EXIF Date Time Original year is 2019.