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Can I create my own menu?

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  • Can I create my own menu?

    You can save time by creating a new menu in Manage mode with the menu items on it that you want.
    1. Do one of the following:
      • In Manage mode, click View | Toolbars and then select Customize.
      • In Manage mode, click the drop-down arrow located to the right of the Main toolbar or File List toolbar, select Add or Remove Buttons, and then select Customize.
    2. In the Customize dialog, on the Commands tab, select New Menu from the Categories field.
    3. In the Commands field, select New Menu and drag it to your desired toolbar location.
    4. Then add commands to your new menu by selecting any option from the Categories field.
    5. Click the command in the Commands field and drag it onto your new menu on the toolbar. The new menu will expand down. Drop the command on the menu.
    You can name your new menu, but the Customize dialog needs to still be open.
    1. Right-click the new menu and choose Button Appearance... from the context menu.
    2. In the Button Appearance dialog, with Text only selected, enter a name in the Button text field.
    3. Press OK.
    You can delete a new menu or command, but the Customize dialog needs to still be open.

    Right-click the new menu or command and choose Delete from the context menu.

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