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How can I correct lens distortion?

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  • How can I correct lens distortion?

    In ACDSee, you can apply automatic lens correction adjustments based on the distortion inherent to the lens used. Once a lens profile has been mapped to an EXIF profile, the Make and Model drop-down menus will be pre-populated with the camera used to take the image based on its EXIF information. The Lens Correction tool contains a database of camera makes, models, and their possible lenses.
    You can find the name of the lens used in the EXIF information of your image. However, the lens value displayed in the EXIF may not be reliable in the case of third-party lenses. If possible, recover the correct lens value and select it from the Lens drop-down menu.
    You can map the correction specific to your lens, (the lens profile), to your camera make, model, and lens combination. Mapping the lens profile will enable the correction to be automatically applied to all images with the same camera-lens combination as you open them in the Develop mode.
    1. In Develop mode, select the Geometry tab.
    2. In the Lens Correction group, select the Enable Lens Profile checkbox.
    3. If the displayed camera make and model are not correct, select the correct options from the Make and Model drop-down menus.
    4. From the Lens drop-down menu, select the lens used to take the image. You can find this information displayed in the EXIF panel in the lower right corner of Develop mode. The correction will occur automatically.
    You can then map this lens profile for future use. This means the appropriate correction will be automatically applied each time you open an image with this lens and camera combo in Develop mode. Essentially, you can set it and forget it.
    1. With your desired camera and lens combination selected in the Make, Model, and Lens drop-down menus, press the Map Default button.
    2. Enable the Auto-apply this mapped profile when entering Develop mode checkbox to apply the mapped default to future images upon entering Develop mode.
    3. In the Map Default dialog box, press OK to save. That's it!