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How can I search in specific folders?

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  • How can I search in specific folders?

    One easy way to search specific folders is to use Selective Browsing. You can pick criteria that the images within those folders must meet in order to show up in the results. For instance, you could use Selective Browsing to show you all of the images in your Vacation 2018, Vacation 2017, and Vacation 2016 folders that have been assigned a red label and a rating of 4.
    1. In Manage mode, start by choosing View | Selective Browsing.
    2. With the panel open, select the folders you would like to search within. You can use Ctrl-click to pick multiple specific folders, or Shift-click to choose a range of folders.
    3. Open the Catalog pane. (You can click the arrow on the Catalog section of the Selective Browsing panel and choose Show Catalog Pane.)
    4. Select your search criteria from any of the sections in the Catalog pane. You can use Ctrl-click to select multiple criteria.
      The photos from the selected folders that meet your selected criteria will display in the File List pane. Ta da!