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What if I forget to embed my ACDSee Metadata?

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  • What if I forget to embed my ACDSee Metadata?

    If you edit or add ACDSee Metadata to your files, ACDSee automatically adds the new data to its database. Embedding ACDSee Metadata in the files as well, is a safe way to back up this data and make it easier to retrieve if you should need to. Once you have assigned ACDSee Metadata to a file, the file is linked to the database. If the file is moved using Windows Explorer, or any application other than ACDSee, the link will be broken. However if you have embedded this data in the file and the link is broken, you can still retrieve the ACDSee Metadata using the embedded data in the files. You can use ACDSee to rename, move, or copy the file—even to another computer—and the embedded ACDSee Metadata will transfer with the file. If you have the Display embed ACDSee metadata reminder checkbox selected in the Options dialog box, (click Tools | Options | Database), next time you close ACDSee, the Embed ACDSee Metadata in Files dialog box opens and offers to embed the new data into the changed files themselves.