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Cannot find Edit Brush in v6.x

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  • Cannot find Edit Brush in v6.x

    Hello. It feels good to finally join this enthusiastic community.

    I guess that my question can be split into two:

    1. What's the best way to clear up (erase) some areas on a photo.
    I have attached a sample where I'd like to clear the green area (not by cropping).

    2. If Edit Brush should do the trick - why is this feature listed in the help manual but I cannot find it anywhere within the Edit toolkit?

    Thank you,
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    The best way to clear up something unwanted on an image is by using the Repair Tools (Heal and Clone). They exist in both Develop Mode and Edit Mode.

    Post back if you need more help on the specific usage of Heal and Clone.

    Correction: Repair in Develop Mode only exists in Pro7. In Pro6, you only have Repair Tools in Edit Mode.
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      Much appreciated, LV_Bill.

      I have tried these two tools, but ended up drawing the green areas in White.


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        That is correct. The basic concept of Heal and Clone is to copy from one area of an image to another area in the same image. In other words, the way to "clear up (erase)" as you asked in your original post, is to copy from a 'good' area of an image on top of a 'bad' area. This is how you "erase" unwanted things in your image.


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          Still having this issue?
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