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cannot maximize video edit window

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  • cannot maximize video edit window

    I am unable to maximize the window for the video editor. When I click on the window max icon nothing happens. When I right click on the top atrip a menu appears and the options to maximize to window corners and move to different display, none of these options do anything.

    Is there a bug in the video pro software?

    My main issue is that when I am previewing the video and making snapshots, because it is a tiny screen it makes tiny snapshots.

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    The Video Converter window seems to be set to a certain size. It will not fill the screen on my PC either.

    As for taking snapshots: I loaded a 1280x720 video in the converter and used the "Snapshot" button in the Video Converter (below the preview window). The resulting image was 1280x720 with either JPEG or BMP file types selected. So, even though the video preview window is very small, the produced snapshots are the same resolution as the video.

    Do you have Video Converter Pro or just Video converter? A quick glance at the ACDSee website leaves me with the impression that the standard version may not have a video preview window nor the "Snapshot" feature.


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      I've been shopping around for this type of software for about a month, and I've discovered that it seems that all the video conversion utilities seem to have this odd programming quirk. None that I've encountered seem to be able to maximize the window to full screen. I don't think there is a lot of reason to pick one brand over the other though, they all pretty much do things the same way and have the same reasonably good quality of conversion. Not a lot of competition on features either.

      I did finally select Video Converter Pro for the reason that with it, I was able to quickly and easily trim the beginning and end of the videos so we miss the useless fidgeting and throat clearing, and the blank stares once the video has played to completion.

      That's a pretty good benefit, I think. If ACDSee wanted to stand out a bit, maybe a few more simple editing features would be welcomed. I'm not talking about a full fledged video editor, just the ability to string separate videos together with maybe some canned transitions. Something like maybe Windows Live Movie maker, but with support!

      That would give people a reason to select ACDSee over the competition, and maybe sell at a slightly higher price.
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        I also met this problem.some softwares don't support maximize video edit window.