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Serious trial questions.

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  • Serious trial questions.

    I was hoping for the same reliable program performance as my Pro 7 photo in this product.
    First impression of trial, first off without searching around. I was hoping for more intuitive and common sense. Probably just me?

    Very small

    Nothing happens when I try to test convert from avi to Mpeg4. I pushed every button. NO indication something is happening.

    Duh maybe I just don't get it. Mostly what I get is the chance to buy it not test it.

    I got plenty others I tried that all had problems.

    I will try again but so far it seems to have issues, is that way it is reduced in price?

    Hope some moderator can set me straight.

    Does the trial not actually do a conversion? Just displays really small and highlights the actions but nothing happens???
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    Hi David - Do ALL avi to mp4 conversions fail, or just some of them?

    The controls and settings are pretty similar to competing products.
    - Click Files > Add Video Files to select you input media.
    - Click the icon just to the right of your input file to select or alter output format settings.
    - Set your output directory location in the box near the bottom of the screen.
    - Start the conversion by pressing the large round button with two curved arrows aimed in opposite directions. That's it.

    Post back if you want more operational details.
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