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Problems and bugs with ACDsee video conveter pro 4.1

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  • Problems and bugs with ACDsee video conveter pro 4.1

    There is lot of problems and bugs with ACDsee video conveter pro 4.1

    1.When you convert the video file and watch converted file - video in the end hangs,freeze it happeas in ending last 3 seconds. (I explained when i am trying to converting part what i need and cut video after the converting process in all materials is bug,when you look output video file in ending freeze,hangs the video) this freeze show for files only when you select in converter option: clip to convert option.When you convert the whole length without cuting a part,then there is no such problem.

    2.The Converter do not convert the MKV files.MKV is popular but in ACDsee video converter pro 4.1 it dosnt work.There is lot of bugs sometimes MKV converting to MP4 starts working then freeze and stop working.And second the MKV file is start converting the process looks like working,but the convertion not happening only elapsed time counts.Also the CPU when MKV file is converting do not work its mean the converting do not work.I waited 30 minutes to convert 3 mins from MKV Blu Ray Rip but it only counts Elapsed time and nothing happened.

    3.The converter from FLV to MP3 and MKV to MP3 did not work.

    Why there is such bugs and problems with this program? its really is a chaos and something unbeliveable.I hope Acdsee video converter Pro in future will be better.

    Here is screenshot: - MKV to MP4 does not work at all only time elapsed counts. - The file from video converter converted from FLV to MP4 and last 3 seconds freeze,hangs (this problem is for all videos when you convert a part from video.When you convert the whole length without cuting it then there is no freeze.So the problem is only then, when you select the part which you want to convert then the result is freeze,hang in the end)

    My PC: Windows 7 home premium , 3GB RAM , Intel Core I3

    The others programs like sorenson squeeze and camtasia 8 works without problems.

    Thank you for support!
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    Did you ever get an answer? I just installed Pro 4.1 and it will not even let me add videos, specifically MKV or MPG or MPEG, I get the same error message "Some of the files are not supported"

    Out of my entire collection I can only get one MKV file to be added to the list.