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  • Video Converter and VOB files

    It seems that nobody really use ACDSee Video Converters, no posts here and most answers point to other video converter.

    But I will ask anyway: Does anybody successfully converted VOB files to another format, or even read (input) VOB file or folders with any ACDSee Video Converter ?

    I trying with version 5 convert some of my own old movies but as it failed I tried also regular DVD (not blocked) and DVD files copied to my hard disk.

    I will appreciate a answer, thanks. And be safe you all !

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    Hi adrstudio,

    Thank you for your feedback. The .vob file format acts as a container, as it stores audio, video, subtitles, DVD menus and other navigation information. Unfortunately, if your .vob file contains a video codec that is not supported by Video Converter 5, then Video Converter 5 will not support the entire .vob file.

    Dylan L.
    ACD Systems


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      Thank you for your answer Dylan.

      Although your answer implies that ACDSee Video Converter support a very limited kind video files. It won't be easier to just say VOB files are not supported ?


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        Hi again Dylan,

        I must add a test that I just did. I used a old trick, I using Windows 10. I renamed a .VOB files to .MP4. After renamed it can be played it on Windows Media player without problem, I could play it inside ACDSee in View mode (mine is Ultimate 2019) without problem. I could open it on ACDSee Video Studio 2 but here without sound.

        On ACDSee Video Studio 2 I made a selection and produced another MP4 without problem but without sound.So here I could do a kind of conversion.

        But ACDSee Video Converter Pro 5 still can't even open it.


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          Hi Guys... thanks for the post. I have the new "Luxea Video" I did the change to mp4 on the VOB files and it worked... even the sound was imported
          Just a comment