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  • Canvas Draw 2.0

    Canvas Draw 2.0 is here. Significant improvements over 1.0 including (an incomplete list...)

    Lockable palettes (on the side but it looks like not on the top)
    Return of the wonderful Find palette!!
    Auto trace (seems very fast and accurate under very limited testing)
    Trim to path, selection to path, etc. For images
    Retina ready
    Feels faster and more responsive overall

    Still MIA:

    No Unicode support (argh!!)
    Modern shadows (shadows are still a separate raster object just like the Canvas of 10 or 20 years ago)

    Getting closer and looking forward to the Pro version, especially if it has GIS .
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    Mine crashes at startup, cannot start the program anymore.......


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      Originally posted by Jan-Arend Blok View Post
      Mine crashes at startup, cannot start the program anymore.......
      I'm running fine. Try deleting prefs in Canvas Draw dir in: /Library/Application Support/ACD Systems


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        Save as HTML is back. Hooray! Many more formats now. Very encouraged by this update. Still have printing full page problem as noted in an earlier post. I'd say they are on the right track.


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          Version 2 runs well on my setup ( at least for now )
          I am very happy to see the trim- command is back and the auto- trace and Reduce points commands work very well, so thanks guys !
          Oh, and svg and other export formats are doing a descent job too.

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            SVG export works well, but I cannot get SVG import to work. You can select an SVG file in the open file dialog but and error dialog results. Too bad as I use SVG a lot in my own programs. But then, SVG import doesn't work well in Windows, either.

            A PDFs with rasters in them get broken up into hundreds of little squares when saved as PDFs (again, just like in the Windows version). Modern Mac graphics programs just don't do this.

            And vector graphics are copied as tiffs rather than pdfs for pasting into other programs like Keynote or Pages.

            Sigh.... These (and no Unicode and old fashioned shadows) are all the result of not using built in Mac technologies.

            I really love Canvas from a usability view point -- there's nothing else that works as well and I really really want it to succeed -- but the graphics/text technologies are tremendously dated. I wonder if these will ever get fixed. I'm sure they are trying to maintain the same code base for the Windows and Mac versions but a Mac user who didn't grow up with the power of Canvas will take one look a decide that it is pretty primitive compared to modern competition. Thet've done a very good job of transporting the Windows code back to the Mac but that code has suffered from being in maintenance mode for years.

            I sure hope that the Pro version has more modern technologies. Heck, if it has GIS I will continue to use it for maps but simple vector drawings are much more elegant and easier in Intaglio, Graphic, or Affinity Designer...


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              Okay, I wrote too soon. The Save As PDF - Adobe Acrobat (Advanced) option does a MUCH better job than the basic PDF save option that I had tested, above. My apologies!


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                Agree the import export functions are still ragged or nonexistent. Still not way to import Corel CDR files of which I have thousands. Like the Auto-trace but no preview of before/after trace.


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                  Been running CanvasDraw 2 for a week, now. Where did the TRANSPARENCY PALETTE go? I use it all the time, and keep it tacked onto the bottom of the Document Layout Palette. But, it is nowhere to be found in CD2... Without TRANSPARENCY (all modes), CD2 is nearly worthless to me...


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                    Dan8 : there' s other formats missing too, but you cannot expect Canvas Draw to have all the functionality of the later to be released full Canvas.
                    Maybe Corel CDR format will be included as an import- option in the Pro- version...

                    BobV, You can set transparency / opacity in the properties bar .


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                      rwallx -- you can deckde where the palettes will go, there is a little right click menu in there somewhere; I saw it, changed mine, but now cannot find it instantly (it’s on another machine).

                      Bob -- yes, I was setting up my palettes kn the dock and there it was -- or rather, was not! The transparency palette was a favorite of mine too. Made things so simple.

                      Ands then there is the type/text palette.

                      Cheers, Geoff


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                        I am still numb after waiting all these years for a replacement. So I haven't allowed myself to get excited yet, but that will happen at some point.

                        They seem to have replaced most of the features I rely on (and that is saying a lot). Noticed there is no support for EPSF or more importantly .AI files export in my workflow. PDF files may prove to be a viable option. I am hoping so at this point. I would certainly like the .AI option added though.


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                          I tried installing Canvas Draw 2 over my previous CD 1.0.1 version, but CD2 crashes immediately upon opening. James at ACD emailed me two methods to update, both involving removal of Preferences, etc., but without success. I still can't run CD2. Anyone else have this experience and found a work-around? I must admit I'm extremely disappointed in the absence of UniCode even in the update. What decade is this, anyway? Or is it century?


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                            The printer setup options are not working correctly. For instance, I cannot select the 8.5 X 11 BORDERLESS option and have it select the proper area. It still shows up as an 8.5 X 11 regular option.


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                              This is a known defect (I advised the a while ago), but not fixed.
                              Workaround is save as PDF and print that.