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  • Subscription?

    I received an e-mail offering an annual subscription to Canvas Draw for Mac, for $79/year. Does that mean that to upgrade we need to move to an annual plan? In other words the software stops working when we stop paying the annual fee? Or is this just different language to describe the same upgrade?

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    Everything is going Subscription. Crap! Canvas X 2018 for the PC is now subscription. I'm sure ACD will do this with Canvas Draw too. Thank you Adobe for starting this.


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      Well the website for Draw is not that clear on subscriptions. It seems to offers upgrades for $99 or annual subscriptions for $79. That would be an easy choice for most people I think.

      Canvas is not like anything Adobe, there is no way a subscription will fly except for government users who are forced to use it. The user base seems microscopically tiny and a subscription would just kill that base.


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        Please note that Canvas X 2018 and Canvas Draw are offered for sale in both models. You can buy a one time license or sign up for a subscription.

        Please see below and note you can buy a full license or sign up for a subscription. It is ACD policy to offer both models to our customers and the full license model is not going away.



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          Thank you Mark, that is very good news.


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            Mark, yu da man! Thank you.


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              Perhaps I will go back to a full license. Canvas Draw is now so complete and stable that an upgrade every year might not happen. If that is the case, the full license model (upgrade price) would be more economic and might not have some of the restrictions on use of Canvas Draw. I must admit to not being a fan, in general, of the subscription trend in software.



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                I have a full licence for Canvas Draw 4.
                I restarted my computer, Canvas Draw loaded up, and said it was a trial version, and that I could buy it!
                So I log in to my account, enter the password, and it says Canvas is now the licensed version!
                What exactly is going on here?


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                  On another thread the person said they couldn't complete the download for v4.0.6, but last night when I read that, I launched Canvas, a message came up for the update, I ran it, the dmg downloaded, opened, I grabbed the Canvas icon and dragged it to the Application folder in the window, when done I launched Canvas and it worked perfectly fine. I'm on the subscription, which is just a more convenient way to pay for updates.


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                    You have 4.0.6?
                    I have 4.0.1 and checking for updates says this is the latest version.

                    I also got a welcome to Canvas email and have been using it for years. Something screwing going on.


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                      Hi Jmallen,

                      The update message came up as I update the Canvas 4.01 to 4.0.2. The latest version for Canvas draw 4 is 4.0.2 build 60. Can you try again to check the updates ?

                      Or you can install the update from this link from the product support page:

                      Thanks - James
                      ACD Customer Care


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                        Canvas 4.0.1 still says it is the latest version.
                        But I have successfully updated to 4.0.2 using your link.
                        Thanks James.