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Feature Request: View two documents at once

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  • Feature Request: View two documents at once

    I am using Canvas 3 for the Mac. I know you can have two (or more) documents open at once, but you can't view them side by side (isn't that one reason why we have these big 'ol monitors?). I looked in the manual, then searched this forum. Nothing. So I wrote ACD and in less then 9 hours I had my answer: you can't, even with Version 4. I have a situation, and can think of plenty others, that this 'feature' would be desirable. Now I might be shooting my self in the foot if there are no others wanting this feature, but please think if this 'feature' is something you've needed in the past, currently, or think real hard if you think its something that might be needed in the future. Hopefully more replies below will let the developers know more people than just me would like this capabilitiy. If no one else needs it, and the developers then decide not to implement it, I can live with that and I'll come up with work around.
    This feature should be part of Canvas for the Mac
    I've never needed this feature and don't believe I ever will

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    I spoke to Albert Jimenez a few months ago about allowing documents in their own separate windows. He said they're aware of it and know that it would be a useful feature, but so far it hasn't happened. With each new version there have been more and more features added/returned to Canvas, I have a feeling multiple windows will be added eventually. I use a MacBook Pro 17" with a Dell !9" rotating external monitor and would make great use out of having multiple windows.
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      Including this capability would require a slight paradigm change in the Canvas Draw user interface. Granted, using other graphic applications such as OmniGraffle and Affinity Designer, it would have been nice of ACD Systems had adopted a number of the modern OS X/macOS UI elements that are used in other graphics software for the Mac. While I can understand the desire to maintain consistency between the Mac and Windows products such that they do not appear to be starkly different applications, Canvas Draw is developed separately from Canvas X—and with a 20+ year-old code base, the latter is very much due for an overhaul—and not a port, so it could adopt more Mac-like, or just more modern UI features.

      That stated, the ability to have separate windows as well as tabbed windows has been a feature of Web browsers for well over a decade, but all other software seems to take a one or the other approach. Personally, there are times when I find myself continuously flipping between two documents in Canvas Draw. The most recent example was re-creating a scaled drawing that a co-worker with zero CAD/technical illustration skills had originally produced. It would have been far easier to redo that drawing if I could have had his and mine side-by-side.