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Preserving/Recovering symbols from .cvx file

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  • Preserving/Recovering symbols from .cvx file

    I have a number of maps made with Canvas X for Mac (with GIS) that had points imported to symbols using the GIS tools. Some of these files I'd like to play within CanvasDraw 4 (obviously losing the georeferencing) but when I open them, the old symbols are now rectangles. Ironically, the symbols library in CanvasDraw has those very same symbols in them. Any suggestions for workarounds? Even something like a find rectangles/replace with symbol trick would be welcome (though obviously best if old symbols mapped into new ones seamlessly).

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    It is possible that the Canvas X symbols are fonts that are not Unicode. Many years ago I had similar problems within various versions of Canvas to Canvas X (I have used the program since about Canvas 2 or 3 for the Mac) because map symbol fonts changed.