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  • CVD file format

    I use Canvas on both the Mac and PC. As we all know, the CVD file format has made that a bit of a challenge. I was going to update my PC version to Canvas X 2018 to work in a common format, but in reviewing the supported file formats for 2018 ( it appears that exchanging CVD files will still not be possible. Canvas X 2018 will read the CVD format, but will not export the CVD format. Am I reading this correctly?

    I realize can exchange files by converting back and forth between the CVX and CVD formats, but will I be loosing anything by constantly converting the file type?


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    Hello, yes you read correctly. At this current time we do not have a native file format that is interchangeable by both platforms. However you should not loose anything by converting between the CVD and CVX format so long as you use the same features in both applications. But then again, that would be an issue even if they both were currently using the same file format.

    Hope this helps