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  • Paste and Match Style

    A couple of suggestions for Canvas Draw 5:
    1) Pasting text into an existing text line no longer “pastes and matches style” as was done in all previous versions of the original Canvas (dating back to versions in antiquity) as well as in Canvas Draw 2.
    Why was this changed from CD 2 to CD 3?
    This a Major Flaw for me as I routinely copy outside text into Canvas files.

    2) Files created with web-linked, roll-over buttons in Canvas X appear as blank white or multi-colored boxes when files are opened in CD 2 to CD 3.0.4. Even though the the link address is maintained, all attributes are lost making the buttons unusable. This is a serious problem for me as I have hundreds of buttons possibly a thousand that have to be redone.
    Return return of the roll-over button would bring back a wonderful feature.

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    I've been doing paste and match style in Canvas 4 that's working properly. My problem is that Canvas does not retain the carriage returns in the pasted text. I also have a problem with web links, Canvas used to keep all the links I created in the user section, but not anymore, once the file is closed, the list of user web links is gone.


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      I'm a bit confused. In my trial version of Canvas Draw 4, I was not able to Paste and Match Style, but now that my trial has expired, I'm unable to recheck.

      Also, in my case regarding Button Links, I was referring to links in CD documents saved as HTML files. In numerous case made in CD 2, the button links were maintained but the attributes, i.e., color and shape were converted to simple rectangles. I'm not sure what you're referring to with "links created in the user section".

      Thanks for responding.


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        Sorry, in the Links window there are buttons for the URL. When choosing User defined, it showed a list of the links I created in that document, now it does not, each time I open the document that has links, the user defined list is gone.

        Click image for larger version

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          OK... now I get it. "User defined" links are present in CD 2 and 3. Deleting this feature from CD 4 would be a significant loss.

          Also, and sorry to persist, but I checked the CD 4 User Manual and no mention is made of a "Paste and Match Style" option. So what gives? Can any other forum viewer weigh in on this feature?



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            Oops, I didn't realize until I just looked that "Paste and Match Style" is called "PasteText Only" in the Edit menu, that's what I use to match the style where I'm pasting in Canvas. BTW, I added the keyboard shift-commnad-V using the System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts function.
            Click image for larger version

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