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Canvas Draw for Mac 5. First impressions?

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  • Canvas Draw for Mac 5. First impressions?

    I got the email this morning saying that Canvas Draw 5 had dropped. I picked it up and installed it almost immediately with no issues. So far.

    Has anyone else been working with it, and if so, have you spotted and peccadilloes or peculiarities popping up yet?

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    Thanks for the heads up. I just installed it and very glad to first see that they brought back style sheets. Otherwise I set all my Preferences and so far so good. I'll to a more thorough test when I get back later today.


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      Won't even start for me, shows the following on my console and quits:
      Canvas Draw[42528]: *** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver decodeObjectForKey:]: cannot decode object of class (NSTouchBar) for key (NSSource); the class may be defined in source code or a library that is not linked

      (Yeah, looks like it might require Sierra but it sure doesn't check when attempting to start it!)
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        Up and running v. 5. Some initial impressions:

        • Dynamic effects are welcome addition and nicely implemented under the effects menu. It would have been nice to have the option of an interior or exterior glow (the interior glow is a standard way of identifying bodies of water on maps and illustrations. Strangely Dynamic Shadows appear both under Effects>Dynamic Effects and under Object>Sprite Effects>Add Effect menus and the interfaces are different for both. These are really two separate functions with the same name

        • Table tool is basic but seems to work well. This is not something that I will use much as I tend to make my tables directly in Pages/Word or in Keynote/PowerPoint but I can imagine that it might be useful for the desktop publishing crowd.

        • Smart snaps seems like it will be modestly useful. Not clear at first how it differs from the Smart Mouse and Guides function that has been in CD for a few iterations already. Nonetheless, it is growing on me.

        • Still no SVG import (#@$!&). Maybe I'm the only person who wants this feature but all of Canvas Draw's competitor apps have robust SVG import so why not CD? Grrr...

        • Of course no GIS module. At this rate it will be 2035 before Canvas Draw gets big brother's GIS module (or more likely not at all...). A real shame for those of us who makes maps using Canvas...

        Overall, a solid if underwhelming update. There is probably more here for the Desktop publishing community than there is for the scientific/technical illustration community


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          OK, I've done a little more testing. I left Canvas 5 running all day long and it seems to be more stable now when doing so.

          I tried to hide the Toolbar, but it still does not allow a save when I have the cursor in a text box and use the keyboard command, but does if I go to the Save menu. Wait a minute, I just did it again and it worked... again and it didn't work. WTF?

          OK, that's enough for now, tomorrow is another day.


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            The release notes are here:

            So far it looks stable (on OSX 10.13.6), and the new Effects>Dynamic Effects seem to work well (shadow, reflection, glow, soft edge). The Dynamic Shadow angle is different from that in the Effects>Shadow... dialog. Dynamic Effects can be copied and pasted via the Attribute Dropper tool and the Paste Attributes dialog - useful for imposing uniformity.

            The new Table tool and Smart Snap also look to be useful. I haven't had time to explore the other changes.


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              I figured out how to get around the keyboard Save problem, I have Quickeys and created an action to choose Save from the File menu using command-S and it works.
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                I have a subscription and have received no email about the upgrade. In checking for upgrades I get this message, "Canvas Draw version 4.0.2 (60) is currently the newest version available." From the website, I could buy it or subscribe again! Maybe the email will arrive tomorrow.



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                  Hi Tim, just Login on the ACD site with your ACDid and go to your software. At the bottom of that listing are your Plans. Look inside and you'll find Canvas Draw 5. Download and run, the app will ask your ACDid again and that's it. done.


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                    I was notified today about v5, but I already installed it because of this post.
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                      Thanks Hermie! I really should remember that procedure because I had to do it for Canvas Draw 4. On installation this time, I checked the box to allow ACD to send offers and notices. I probably failed to do so in the past and the result was no email notification.



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                        Just installed Canvas 5. So far everything looks good. Haven't time to explore at the moment..


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                          Loving the dynamic alignment guides when dragging, a la Apple iWork.

                          One unexpected quit when doing a hard crop.

                          One imported pdf, saved as CVD then refused to save after modifying.

                          Document setup in prefs- default is greyed out and settings for A4 and mm scale don't hold. Did they ever?

                          So a few bugs to iron out.


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                            New document open to full screen does not work, I have to use command-R to fit to window every time.
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