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Canvas Draw 5 - Addsing Custom Pen Weights Not Saving To Presets

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  • Canvas Draw 5 - Addsing Custom Pen Weights Not Saving To Presets

    In Canvas Draw 5, my pen presets button in the pen attributes window is not operating. I am unable to add any new/custom pen weights to the Pen Weight Presets box. For instance, creating a new custom pen weight of 1.75 pts. is not saving to the Pen Weight Preset window. I can select and edit a existing pen weight to a different pen weight in the Attributes window but it won't save it after pressing the Add Preset button. Any similar experience in your CD5?

    I went back to my CD4 app in which the Pen Weights Presets are operating. I saved those Pen Presets from CD4 and Appended them into my CD5 app. At least now I have my working set of pen weights in CD5. The attached photo shows the CD5 window of Pen Presets that I appended from CD4. One glitch is that the CD5 Presets now shows two "No Pen" weights at the top - the original and the one included in the appended pen weight set.
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    No attached photo. Be sure to send this to the support department; I've noticed other items not being kept, even in CD4, like the user created links in the link manager does not stay in the User defined list.


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      This site won't upload my small jpg photo. Says it's an Invalid File. It's a standard jpg that screens up and edits in PS and CD5. I've alerted the administrator about this.

      I've notified Canvas Support about my CD5 Pen Preset issue.


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        This really sucks! I can't operate any of the pallet presets. No custom made line weights, dashed lines, arrow heads can be saved as presets in CV5. I'm going back to using my CD4 for now.
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          In CD5, I just tried a simple custom line weight (1.5 in Attributes) and also could not get the preset to save.

          Also, although I selected "Fit to Window" in Functionality Options (Preferences), on opening CD5, the scale is at 0 and I have to select Fit to Window manually to have the blank page show up.



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            I noticed something different in the exported CD5 .SVG vector files that I import into my PC-based Visio app. Upon import in Visio, the vector graphics shows up on a Visio page but without the full background page. In CD4 and earlier versions, the .SVG graphic imported into Visio as a vector graphic grouped with a white-filled full page layer behind it. This was useful for seeing the actual page scale once in Visio. In Visio, It's now only the vector graphic alone and reduced to 80% of original that imports.


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              Yes, many users complained and reported the previous results as a problem or bug so we changed it so the extra blank background is not exported.


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                Hi ajimenez,

                Why does the .SVG vector graphic exported from Canvas Draw import into my PC Visio app at a reduced size, ~80% of original size. The text is also reduced in size and in a different text style.