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  • Paste Image?

    After a long break away from Canvas I'm giving it another go. I tried to copy an image from a website and then paste it into Canvas. I seem to recall the old Canvas did this and PS does it. It does not seem to work in Canvas 4 though. Am I missing something? This is just a simple copy and paste, I can do it into an email or Pages doc....not Draw though. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Try saving your web image locally, and then import into Draw from there.


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      Yes, I can do that, but is there some reason that copy and paste does not work? It's a lot faster and is a pretty basic operation.


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        You can also right click in Canvas and from the menu that pops up, choose "Paste and Place."


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          I just tried in Canvas Draw 5. An image copied from a website by right clicking and selecting Copy Image pasted into Canvas Draw by using either Edit > Paste or right clicking in Canvas and selecting Paste. A screen shot to the clipboard (Command+Control+Shift+4) also pasted directly into Canvas Draw.



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            It sounds like it was added or fixed in Draw 5. It definitely does not work for me with Draw 4. I have both the "Paste" and "Paste and Place" options, but neither work after copying an image via right-click. I seem to be in a cycle with Canvas. As much as I loved using it back in the day, it seems like there are just too many weird little gotchas for me to use it today. I'm not inclined to upgrade to fix a very basic feature like this. Thank you for your help!