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    Hello. I'm a new user of this software, I try to open a geotiff image generated with Qgis (my usual GIS software), and I don't see nothing of the image, only a little gray square in a córner of the screen. A simple operation like this in other GIS software, in Canvas Gis requires an special training. I need some advice about how to start.
    I am a old user of Canvas X, without GIS plugin. Thanks un avance to the forum members.

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    Hi Palcel,
    I see you have had no response to your August post. So I will reply even if it does not directly answer your question.

    I use MapInfo with the Discover module (it is a geology orientated add-on) for GIS but I have used QGIS. If I was starting over I would probably settle for QGIS alone, it is a remarkable program that is well supported by its community.

    Like you, I find the Canvas GIS un-intuitive but that may be because I have not made the effort to learn how to use it. There are others who, over the years have expressed satisfaction with the GIS module on this and other forums which makes me think it is me and not the module or perhaps if that has been the only GIS tool they had, they just made it work for them.

    Sometimes, as you say it does not work as expected. As I am writing this Canvas has stuck at 99% importing a georeferenced tiff file. MapInfo was quite happy to recognise the file and its coordinate system with a simple File > Open.

    Coming back to using Canvas, my practice is to create my maps in MapInfo. I then transfer the map either by way of a screen capture or saved image of the map into Canvas for further annotation, creation of legends etc. I find it much easier to provide the final polish to my maps in Canvas than within the GIS program.