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  • CanvasX 2018 Unicode support

    I am to laisy to download the trial and see it for myself, but have they finally managed to add unicode support in 2018? Or are we still in the past century?

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    Still in the past century. Unicode support is not part of the Canvas X 2018 current release. :-(


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      The Windows version of Canvas has a code base that is now over two decades old. The first version of Canvas to run on Windows was version 3.5 (1992), but the software had a major rewrite that produced Canvas 5 (1996); there was never a Canvas 4, as Deneba wanted to emphasize that the software had changed dramatically under the hood when moving on from 3.5. With a code base that old, it would perhaps take a major rewrite to get unicode support for the Windows version of Canvas.

      At this point Canvas Draw 4 for the Mac does have unicode support, but that is largely due to the fact that ACD dumped Mac support when Apple transitioned to Intel processors in 2006. For whatever reason, despite being one of the first major graphics programs to be Carbonized when Mac OS X was introduced, ACD refused to adopt Universal Binaries to transition to an Intel code base. Because of that decision, the current Mac version of Canvas has been rebuilt from scratch, so adding unicode support—which really should have been in place from the first version—was relatively easy.

      This being the case, Windows users would have two options. First, would to be content with the current feature set, which is pretty damn expansive at this point, while ACD builds up a new Canvas from scratch over several years. Second, would be to begin getting new, but lesser versions of Canvas that iteratively improve over time as was the case with Canvas Draw for Mac.


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        Canvas is a great program but almost all of its greatness was created at/by Deneba. There have been a few useful additions over the year since it moved to ACD but it has mostly been in maintenance mode for decades.

        It would be nice for the Windows version of Canvas to become unicode savvy as then the files might once again become compatible with Canvas Draw on the Mac which is unicode savvy.