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Canvas X 2018 Handles pdf well

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  • Canvas X 2018 Handles pdf well

    Back in 2013 I wrote:

    Originally posted by Paul Maconochie View Post
    PDF files import very poorly into Canvas, you usually end up with thousands of individual entities, be they the individual short lines that make up a dashed line, or individual letters that collectively make up a word. By way of contrast CorelDRAW, imports PDF files much more cleanly; words are words, dashed lines are often single lines etc. It may not be possible to convert a complex PDF file to a vector file that Canvas can read and translate perfectly down to the smallest detail. However, given the pervasiveness of PDF files, I would like to see Canvas improved in the how it imports these files.
    I had not noticed that James W, from ACD Systems support, had replied a while later to say pdf handling was much improved in Canvas 15, sorry James.

    Regardless, Using Canvas X 2018 (can we not just call it Canvas18) I have just opened a pdf that I obtained by extracting one page from a multipage pdf document. The document was a map with elements of images and text that had been generated by another GIS or drawing package and then incorporated in the final multi-page document. I was very impressed that words were words not just juxtaposed individual polylines and the words are fully editable in Canvas. What a terrific improvement.

    I am kicking myself for not having noticed this sooner and kicking ACD Systems for not trumpeting this feature more loudly so that dullards like me noticed this sooner. I will find this really useful and a time saver.
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    Paul good to hear.
    I was too busy with work stuff and let 2018 slip me by.
    I haven' ssent off an email but I can' pprint from 2018 which was the reason I abandoned trialling.

    Off topic, but can you print to a real printer? Not pdf.


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      I have not experienced any problems printing from Canvas18 either to real printers (Fuji Xerox C2255) using PCL6 or PS, or printing to Acrobat.

      Another good feature is that it is noticeably faster than Canvas17.

      The only problem I still have with Canvas is the frequent crashes even when doing what seem like simple tasks. My drawings are not complicated. I lived in the fond hope that if I passed over more money to ACD for a new version that the crash problem would have gone but alas, no. I have given up reporting the crashes and sending the dump files because the stock standard response is "clear your configuration and start over". That may solve an immediate problem but is not a solution. My solution is staying in close touch with my best buddy "Control+S" every very few minutes.