Background. Yesterday, AT&T swapped out a U-Verse setup. Wi-Fi and laptop seem to work well. HP OfficeJet 6500 709n works great for MS Word and other Office files.

Canvas 2018 GIS can print text files, but not .cvs files. This only began since yesterday. It only seems to affect the Canvas graphics and non-text files. Frustrating. When I load a copy of the floor plan file into Print Preview in order to scale the drawing and center it on the 8.5 x 11 printer paper (which I have been doing for many months), and then choose the Print button, a window pops up with the message "Could not finish printing because of an unknown error (5)." I could not find anything in the Help file about such an error.

I have shut down the printer and rebooted several times. I shut down the computer and rebooted several times. I disconnected from the Wi-Fi and then reconnected. I even pulled the power cord from the laptop and turned the plug around (joking). The problem remains.

I am in middle of a residential house repair project and all of my detailed drawings are in Canvas format (and pdf). I suppose I could go to a local rent-a-print shop for everything. I love working in Canvas 2018 GIS and am sure that this is something I may be doing wrong.

Any suggestions or tips?