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    Applied a brick pattern to a sidewalk drawing. Pattern is much too small. Is there a way to scale the pattern so that a 4 x 8 inch brick in the pattern is roughly to drawing scale. Or are there other patterns/symbols available? Using Canvas 15 with GIS. No brick pattern symbols I can find?
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    Try this, draw a box with the pattern, then render the box with a high resolution, like 1200, then enlarge the box so the pattern is the size you want, then crop the box to the size of the sidewalk you're drawing. You may have to do some trial and error to get the size and resolution to match.


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      1. Find an image of the pattern you want as an ink e.g. the inks created by Andreas Plesch from the US Geological Survey Open File Report 99-430 (I'm a rock engineer) or any image of bricks that you can pick up off the internet.
      2. Open the image containing the required pattern in Canvas.
      3. Open: Window>Palettes>Attributes.
      4. Select Ink
      5. Here you need to experiment a bit. You may need to bring in the pattern as a "texture" or a "symbol". I have not found a reason why one works better than the other. But generally I have found more success creating a "Symbols Ink" which can be used for fills or lines.
      6. Click on the "Symbol" icon, fifth from the left.
      7. Click on "create" button.
      8. Move the cursor off the Attributes Palette dialog box. A message shows next to the cursor "choose pattern".
      9. Move cursor over pattern you want to use and click on it.
      10. Under the Ink tab you will see the image you selected.
      11. Alternatively try the same procedure, steps 6 to 9 having selected texture ink icon, fourth from the left in Step 6.
      12. Go to the bottom of the Attributes dialog box click on the line or fill tool to select whether you want the pattern you have selected to be a line ink or a fill ink.
      13. Click on "Add Preset" in bottom left hand corner.
      14. You have now added the pattern to the Symbols Ink from where you can select it as a symbol ink for either lines or fills in the future.
      15. I have achieved consistently better outcomes if I open a rectangle filled with a previously created pattern and select that individual bitmap object.

      I have used this method with Canvas 11, 12 and 14 in Windows XP and now Windows 7 x64 with gif, pdf, bmp and cvx patterns.

      Just checked the method in Canvas X GIS 2018 under Windows 10 x64 - still works.


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        I am sure most of you are also aware of this option located under the Configuration Center which allows inks to be scaled or not to be scaled.
        Click image for larger version

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          Wow, completely forgot about that, and I always uncheck so that it always scales.