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change shape of many objects

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  • change shape of many objects

    Hi all

    I use Canvas X 2018 GIS @ Windows.
    I would like to reshape many objects eg. from rectangle to oval. Can I do it as a kind of "replace" or so? with the Objects Specs, it's only possible to change one by one. But I need to replace hundreds of objects.

    Background of my question:
    I have imported a table with coordinates via GIS Import:
    - When I use a symbol (eg. a circle) as object for the points, the symbol consists always of a group with one single object. When ungrouping, they loose the GIS object properties.
    - When I do not select a symbol for point display, Canvas creates a rectangle (what I do not prefer).

    Thanks for any help!

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    I don't know how it would work in the GIS environment, but Canvas has a Paste & Replace Selection command. Create an oval object and copy it to the clipboard. Then select all of the rectangle objects and execute Paste & Replace Selection. All the selected rectangle objects will be replaced with the oval object in the clipboard.


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      That's a great tip that I'm going to use in Canvas Draw on my Mac.


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        vegas89134, this is a good idea, thanks. unfortunately, with such a 'paste & replace', I loose all the needeed GIS information (object properties).

        I'm looking to replace just the type of object, not the object itself. it's a kind of similarity with scaling, moving or aligning a lot of objects.

        has anybody else some more ideas?


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          Hi Roxxy,

          Here is another potential solution to your problem. It requires the GIS version.

          Create the required shape you want to appear in your drawing
          Drag the shape into the symbol library.
          Select all the objects whose shape you want to change
          In the symbol library select the symbol that you want to change the objects to
          Click on the "Replace" button (towards the top right of the Symbol Library window.

          If you had the GIS Object Properties Table View open you would see all the columns go blank.

          Have no fear.

          Close the table view and then re-open it (GIS > Object Properties Table View) and voila your coordinates are restored.

          Earlier this year I logged a suggestion with ACDSee to make the Objects Properties Table View an active editing tool. One could imagine specifying the object type and all the various parameter values preferably by cut and paste from a csv of coordinates, for example.


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            Hi Paul
            Meets closely what I would like to get. Unfortunately, also with this replace, the objects become a symbol (something like a group). It's not possible to select these symbols via "direct group selection tool" WITH the GIS object properties - I will loose these properties. Because I work with several groups in one layer, each symbol stays as a sub-group in a group...

            you suggestion to have the Objects Properties Table as an active editing tool would satsify many of my wishes! Including drag 'n' drop or copy-paste any tabled values makes the Canvas GIS version the perfect tool!

            many thanks.

            kind regards
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