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Surface Pro 4 pen not drawing lines correctly

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  • Surface Pro 4 pen not drawing lines correctly

    I have installed Canvas X GIS 2018 on a Surface Pro 4. When I use the pen (not a mouse) I find that even with the smart mouse tool on, I cannot get a new line to start at the end of the previous line.

    If I draw Line 1 and then draw Line 2 starting Line 2 on one of the nodes of Line 1 line 2 is always off set by a few millmetres. Consequently I cannot conveniently draw a set of lines where the end of one line equals the start of the next line.

    I do not experience this problem when I am in:
    Canvas paint mode; the stroke on the screen coincides with cursor position
    In CorelDraw; lines start and finish on the screen where the cursor is located
    In Autodesk Sketchbook.

    If anyone has a solution I would appreciate hearing from you.
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