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  • Suggestion - Scale pages individually

    The following is text I sent to Canvas Support. Perhaps if you need this feature you could let ACD Systems know and maybe it will be implemented.


    I frequently need to draw scaled cross sections for subsequent slope stability analysis.

    I do this by taking a screen image of the cross section and pasting it into Canvas, then scaling the drawing and setting an appropriate origin.

    For any job I might have 4 to 6 cross sections. I cannot include these in a single job document because each page shares the same scale even though they are in fact different.

    This means that at the moment I have to create a separate Canvas document for each cross section.

    My suggestion is to enable each page to be able to have their own scale.

    Thank you."

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    I support this! As a geologist working with seismic sections of maybe 50-300km length and 10-20km depth i also would LOVE to be able to set individual horizontal and vertical scales.
    I use Canvas to digitize geologic sections from seismic for input into other modelling software as ascii txt. data of x and y position. Since my input data is of different x- and y-scales, I ususally set canvas scale to fit with the horizontal scale of the input data. I then have to recalculate the vertical values after exporting from Canvas to account for the scaling factor( x-axis scale/ y-axis scale).
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      While I do not often use Canvas X in this capacity, I too agree that having the ability to apply a different scale to each page could be useful.* The way I see this, by default Canvas would have the same scale across pages, but in the Grids and Guides Settings there would be a checkbox for turning this feature on or off. New pages would inherent the scale from the proceeding page, but if the same scale across pages setting is disabled, the user can set a new scale for the current page without affecting others.

      As ACDsee (near exclusively) touts Canvas X as a technical illustration application—which I find interesting given that what sets Canvas apart is the fact that almost as far back as v1.0 it has combined bitmap image/photo editing, drawing/technical illustration, and page layout tool into a singe interface—that one of the base features of most CAD software is not present. Actually, in CAD software, each layer can be scaled independently; Canvas X has a different document paradigm, so independent scaling at the page-level should be adequate for most.

      The extreme end of this would be adopting the paradigm that has been available in Vectorworks for over a decade: classes, design layers (née layers), and saved views (née sheets). For those that are interested, you can peruse the Vectorworks 2018 Help page. Vectorworks drawing paradigm is explained under Basic Techniques > Drawing Structure.

      * It would also be nice to have this in Canvas Draw, but as a complete rebuild of the Mac version of Canvas, I am under no delusion that it may take longer to appear there. That stated, Canvas Draw does have Unicode support! 🤗