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Edit > Sequence... > Insert Script...

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  • Edit > Sequence... > Insert Script...

    Edit > Sequence... > Insert Script... appears to add Visual Basic Script (.vbs) to the sequence. But I could not find any information even in the official documentation.

    Does anyone know how it works? Or does it work at all?

    As far as I'm aware, Canvas does not provide API, so I thought it would be impossible to write a script for automation, other than the sequences using GUI.

    I would be nice to have any API. It would be even nicer if it's python or Java or JavaScript...

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    On your computer, if you look in the folder where the Canvas program is installed (in my system it is C:\Program Files\ACD Systems\Canvas X 2018\Scripting) you'll find the Scripting folder. Inside the Scripting folder is a 487 page PDF file Canvas Scripting Reference Guide along with an Example Scripts folder.. The reference guide was last updated in 2003, but since it's installed with the latest software version it may be of some help. On the other hand you'll also find a Plugins folder and Canvas no longer supports plugins.


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      Thanks a lot for the reply. Wow, I'm surprized to know this!!!

      It looks like I can use not only VB but also JavaScript.

      There's also Plugins2 folder with .apl files. By any chance, they might still work?


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        I tried to add one of the example VB script using Insert Script and clicked the run button but nothing happened.

        The reference PDF is just a reference and there is no explanation of how we're supposed to run these example scripts.

        Does anyone have any ideas?

        eg. the dwnsmpl.vbs takes two input arguments ... Usage: dwnsmpl.vbs <sourceDirectory> <destinationDirectory>

        This implies that it is not supposed to be used from Edit > Sequence... > Insert Script...

        Are we supposed to run this in Windows Command Prompt? It complains that 'dwnsmpl.vbs' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operatable program or batch file.

        I want to run Hello World-like simple code for Canvas in any available language.