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Great news for Canvas!

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  • Great news for Canvas!

    There’s been some great recent changes for Canvas:
    1. Canvas GFX: Canvas was purchased by ACD Systems in 2003 and this year, we formed a separate company called Canvas GFX. We have a dedicated team to focus exclusively on the Canvas product line including some developers from the original Deneba days.
    2. Canvas X / Draw: We’re excited about our recent release of Canvas Draw 5 and new releases for Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X GIS 2019 which are available in November! Thank you for your support!
    3. Forums/Support: We’ve used several support systems over the years, and we’re going to use FreshDesk support ticket system and integrated forums formally starting November 6. Since our current support ticketing and forums solutions are not integrated, some of you would experience this unfortunate process: 1) Ask a question on the forums. 2) Determine that Canvas Technical Support needs to help. 3) Have to make a ticket in another system. This new platform lets us convert forum items to support tickets in one click. Also, I'm excited about a dedicated area for Suggestions for new versions going forward. See you there!
      Note, we’ll make sure there’s a link to this these forums for about six months. Apologies for the extra effort, and we hope this provides a better overall seamless experience.
      New forums:
    4. Website: We will have a new website coming with the launch of Canvas X 2019 in November. Please let us know in the new forums if you have any suggestions about the site.
    5. Tutorials: We have created some video tutorials for Canvas X. I’ve been working hard on these because I want to make sure all Canvas users knew the tricks that I do. Know another Canvas technique or process you want to share? Please let us know in the new forums.
      Tutorial videos:
    I look forward to hearing more feedback and suggestions from you in the new forums and to working with you to make your use of Canvas successful.
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    I signed onto the new forum and did a little testing. There are things that need to be improved, which Simon has acknowledged, but for me it misses the mark. If the new forum stays with certain restrictions, I will most likely will not be a frequent user. I don't see the importance of being able to convert a post into a support ticket when the everyday experience is compromised so much. It's simple enough for me to go to a bookmark for the support page and submit a ticket.