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    I wrote this to the tech support team but I wasn't sure who to send it to. For the sake of discussion I'm posting it here as well. Canvas has been my favorite art software for 25 years. However, it is seriously outdated. It is pleasing to see that ACD Systems is taking a serious interest in it. I hope that they will take these comments seriously. I regard Canvas as a tool which could well serve the production and editing of manuals, illustrated books, Magazine articles, and much more.
    I've been using Canvas ever since version 6 when it was a Deneba product. I am currently using canvas 12 on windows 10 operating system. It works just fine.

    I write manuals for the classes I teach. I have used Canvas in the past to write my manuals. I currently use a word processor to do it. The truth is that while the word processor has some behaviors which are irksome, overall it produces a fine product. So, do I really need Canvas? Possibly. Canvas is my favorite program for creative illustration. It allowed me to make excellent illustrations, but the text was always a problem. Here are some suggestions to improve Canvas' productivity with text and make it more useful for publications. I have been offering these suggestions for about twenty years.
    1. If Canvas will never be intended for the production of manuals, etc., then the following will not be productive, but they are essential for anyone that focuses on the written word.
    2. Compared to the rest of the software out there Canvas is almost primitive with text. Yes you can get the results you want, but with a lot more effort.
    3. The text can be improved by, first of all, allowing faithful import of MS Word text, including formatting. MS Word is the standard and you could do worse than adapt your text operations to it.
    4. The addition of basic word processor functionality such as bullets, numbering, paragraph indent, headings, index, TofC, glossary production, would be good.
    5. Mail merge would be good, especially for multiple instances on a page (I print my own addressed postcards - four to a sheet of cardstock).
    6. Make the text formatting hotkeys the same as the industry standard, i.e. ctrl+B = bold.
    7. Improve your import of pdf files to the current standard which allows more comprehensive editing.
    8. Improve your table feature to where portions of an MS Excel spreadsheet can be imported into Canvas.
    These are a few suggestions which would certainly bring me into the current Canvas program. Until then, I download every new iteration of Canvas to see if you have worked on the text engine. You have my best wishes. Canvas is a fine program.

    Will Highfield