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Renewing 365 Family Membership with 20gb storage

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  • Renewing 365 Family Membership with 20gb storage

    Went to renew my membership as per e-mails encouraging me to do so but couldn't find how to do it. I assumed starting a new membership was the only way to do it after searching the site for some time but of course now my 20gb storage on previous membership isn't linked and my current versions won;t accept new product code. Not sure if I have to re-download them again from new account and how to link the storage. Have sent an e-mail to support. Disappointing I can't talk direct to a tech support person when I ring. I'm not used to dealing with a company that is so difficult to get to a tech support person. I have been a long-term user of ACDSee products and like the membership plan but renewal and tech support both need to be a lot easier!

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    OK well it seems the two have linked OK and now my software has registered the new plan details. Sweet relief!